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ot him. He has not slept in a bed for nine years.” This appeal and the asthma together, caused Younger to roar out, “I never intended to harm a hair of his head.” Todd and Jarrette, while roaming through Eldridge’s hous


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e in search of adventure, came upon a door that was locked. Todd knocked and cried out that the building was in flames and it was time to get away. “Let it burn and be d——d,” a deep voice answered, and then the voices of three men

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were heard in conversation. Jarrette threw his whole weight against the door, bursting it open, and as he did so Todd fired and killed one of the three, Jarrette another and Todd the third, who were hi

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ding there. They were soldiers who had escaped in the morning’s massacre, and who did not even make an effort to defend themselves. Perhaps the number killed will never be accurately known, but I shoul

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d say there were at least one thousand killed, and none wounded. The loss of property amounted to151 the enormous sum of $1,500,000. The total buildings consumed were one hundred and eighty-nine. In the



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